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Heat Sinks

  • Custom Aluminium Extrusion Profiles
Custom Aluminium Extrusion Profiles

Custom Aluminium Extrusion Profiles

  • 1. Material: 6063-T5 or 6060 according to request
  • 2. Standard: EN-755-9-2008, DIN ISO 2768
  • 3.Manufacturing process: Extrusions +CNC machining. EXtrusion heatsinks applications can be for LED, IGBT, and IC devices or a wide range of other packages for electronics.
  • 4.6.Finish treatment: (degreased) with custom finishes (anodization)
  • Product description: Anodised Aluminum extrusion heatsinks

Aluminum extrusions are cost-effective solutions for the majority of electronic cooling applications. Extrusion profiles enable engineers to either select or start their design from a pre-tooled extrusion profile for the cooling solution.

Compared with other manufacturing methods, extruded Heat Sinks offer the following benefits:

Most cost effective

Best thermal performance for forced convection

Extruded from A6063 with high thermal conductivity (209 W/m-K)

Good for medium- to high-airflows

Excellent surface finish and appearance

Length can be customized without new tooling

Secondary operation are easy to achieve

Cross cut extrusions offer omni-directional properties


Commercial LED Lighting:

Circuit Boards& PCB (PC boards):

Electronic Instrument or Electronic Equipment:

Automotive equipment, NEV (New Energy Vehicles):

Considering the low tooling and manufacturing costs, we recommend customers to consider custom-designed extrusions for all applications to achieve the best (optimized) performance.

Any custom heatsinks and standard heatsinks demand, please contact Pioneer Thermal. We'll reply you within 12 hours.

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