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Struggling Youth Just the Most Beautiful Youth

The TV series "The Most Beautiful Youth" tells the story of eight graduates from all over the country represented by Feng Cheng, Yan Xuemei and Wu Yansheng in the 1960s, and a pioneering team with the Chengde Weichang Forestry Department. They actively responded to the call of the motherland. The story of afforestation and greening the motherland.

In the 1960s, in order to reduce the risk of sandstorms, the Party Central Committee and the State Council designated the Ministry of Forestry to take the lead, and Hebei Province cooperated to establish a mechanical forest farm on the plateau desert Saihanba to prevent wind and sand from accumulating water. The first generation of tree-planters such as Feng Cheng and Yan Xuemei came to the dam and built a vast expanse of forest on the desert. This is a great pioneering work for mankind to transform nature. For half a century, the Saihanba people never forgot their mission, overcame the difficulties that ordinary people could not imagine, created the miracle of the desert becoming an oasis, the wasteland and the forest, and created the world’s largest "Artificial forest", Feng Cheng and his companions are advancing and retreating. In their work and life, they are considerate, caring and helping each other. From the initial friendship and comrades, they gradually become friendship and love.

In the play, the male No. 1 Feng Cheng insisted on the dam for three years. The only toy was his accordion. The only friend was that Saturday (a puppy). The only thing used to solve the problem in winter was the ground lamb. Kind of rat). In the new era, we can't experience the harsh environment at that time, but we can experience it from the drama!

For his persistence, for his strength

At the moment, based on the changes in the world, the technology and patent blockades of developed countries such as the United States, the trade protectionism provoked by some countries and the anti-dumping sanctions imposed on China are not a kind of incentive for us to work hard and improve enterprises. The power of its own technological innovation capabilities. All Chinese enterprises should learn from Huawei, be self-reliant, innovate independently, give full play to the ingenuity of the Chinese people, and not rely on foreign technology and products.

Struggling youth is the most beautiful youth!



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