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Specification of Aluminum Profiles for Aluminum Alloy Industry

Bannway industrial aluminium profiles are mostly used for equipment frames, industrial partitions, fences, etc. What specifications do industrial aluminium profiles have?

Bernover will give you a general introduction:

Industrial aluminium profiles can be divided into 15 series, 20 series, 30 series, 40 series, 45 series, 50 series, 60 series, 80 series, 90 series, 100 series, etc. These figures represent the cross-sectional width of aluminium profiles. For example, the 15 series is an industrial aluminium profile with a cross-section width of 15 mm.

Industrial aluminium profiles of 50*50 as shown in the following figure:

Among them, 30 series, 40 series and 50 series aluminium profiles are the most widely used.

The 30 series have 30*30 mm, 30*60 mm, 30*90 mm, 30*120 mm, etc.

40 series have 40*40 mm, 40*60 mm, 40*80 mm, 40*120 mm, 40*160 mm, 404040r angle, etc.

50 Series 50*50mm, 50*100mm

Various specifications are used in different parts of the equipment. The 30 series is generally used for light equipment, while the 40 series is used for general equipment. Each specification of industrial aluminium profiles can also be divided into thickness and thickness. The higher the price, the greater the load. Each specification can also be divided into European standard and national standard. The main difference between European standard and national standard is the groove. The European standard groove is trapezoidal and the national standard groove is rectangular. Relatively speaking, the European standard trough is more beautiful and slightly heavier than the national standard trough.



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