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Typical Use of Aluminum Alloys of Various Brands

Aluminum alloys are the most widely used alloys. aluminum profiles have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipping and chemical industries. With the rapid development of industrial economy and the increasing demand for aluminium alloy structural parts, the research on aluminium alloy has been deepened. Aluminum alloy profile is a typical representative.

JIS A.A 1000 Series-Pure Aluminum Series

1. 1060 as conductive material IACS guarantees 61%. 6061 wire is used when strength is required.

2. 1085 1080 1070 1050 1N30 1085 1080 1070 1050-good formability and surface treatment, and its corrosion resistance is the best among aluminium alloys. Because it is pure aluminium, its strength is lower, the higher the purity, the lower the strength. Commodity, Aluminum, Lighting Appliances, Reflectors, Decorations, Chemical Industry Containers, Radiator, Solution Wiring, Conductive Materials

3. For general purpose aluminum with purity of 99.0% or more, the anodized aluminum is slightly white, which is the same as the above. General appliances, radiators, bottle caps, printed boards, building materials and heat exchangers have a slightly higher N00-strength than 1100, and good formability. Their chemical characteristics are the same as 1100.

Second Commodity 2000 Series-AL x Cu Series

1. Fast-cutting alloys in 2011 have good machinability and high strength. But the corrosion resistance is not good. When corrosion resistance is required, 6062 series alloy volume axis, optical components and screw heads are used.

2. 2014 2017 2024 contains a large amount of copper, which has poor corrosion resistance, but high strength. It can be used as structural materials, forgings can also be applied, aircraft, gears, oil, pressure components, wheelshafts.

3. 2117 is a kind of alloy which can delay the aging rate at room temperature.

4. 2018 2218 forging alloy. Because of its good Forgability and high temperature strength, it is used in forgings requiring heat resistance, poor corrosion resistance, cylinder head, piston and VTR cylinder.

5. 2618 forging alloy. The high temperature strength is superior but the corrosion resistance is not good. Piston, rubber forming die, general heat-resistant components.

6. 2219 has high strength, good low temperature and high temperature characteristics, excellent solubility, but poor corrosion resistance. Containers and aerospace machines for cryogenic applications. 7. 2025 forging alloy. The forging property is good and the strength is high, but the corrosion resistance is not good. Propeller, magnetic barrel. 2N01 - Forging alloy. It has heat resistance and high strength, but poor corrosion resistance. Aircraft engines, hydraulic components.

3000 Series-AL x Mn Series

1. The strength of 3003 3203 is about 10% higher than 1100. Its formability, dissolution and corrosion resistance are all good. General appliances, radiators, cosmetic panels, photocopier drums, marine materials

2, 3004 3104 has higher strength than 3003, superior formability and good corrosion resistance. The strength of aluminium cans, cannon caps, roof panels, color aluminium plates 3 and 3005 3005 is about 20% higher than that of 3003, and the corrosion resistance is also better. Building Material and Colored Aluminum Plate

4. The strength of 3105 3105 is slightly higher than that of 3003, and other characteristics are similar to that of 3003. Building materials, coloured aluminium sheets, bottle caps

44000 Series-AL x Si Series

1. 4032 has good heat resistance, friction resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Piston and cylinder head

2. 4043 has less solidification shrinkage and shows gray natural color by sulfuric acid anodizing treatment. Solution wiring, building panels

55000 Series-AL x Mg Series

1. 5005 has the same strength as 3003. It has good processability, solubility and corrosion resistance. The modification after anodizing is well processed, which is in accordance with the color of 6063 profile. Inside and outside of buildings, vehicles, ships

2. 5052 is the most representative alloy with medium strength. It has good corrosion resistance, solubility and formability, especially high fatigue strength and seawater resistance. General sheet metal, ships, vehicles, buildings, bottle caps, honeycomb boards

3. 5652 restricts the impurity elements of 5052 and inhibits the separation of hydrogen peroxide. Other properties of 5052 are similar to those of hydrogen peroxide container.

4. The strength of 5154 is about 20% higher than that of 5052. Other characteristics are the same as 5052, pressure vessel and 5052.

5. 5254 restricts the impurity elements of 5154 and inhibits the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. Other properties are the same as 5154. Hydrogen peroxide container

6. The strength of 5454 is about 20% higher than that of 5052, and its characteristics are similar to 5154, but the corrosion resistance of 5454 is better than that of 5154 in severe environment. Automotive wheels

7. 5056 has superior corrosion resistance. It uses cutting as surface modification, and has good anodic oxidation treatment and dyeability. Camera body, communication machine components, zipper

8. The strength of 5082 is similar to that of 5083, with good formability and corrosion resistance. Tank lid

The strength of 9 and 5182 is about 5% higher than that of 5082, and the other properties are the same as that of 5082. Tank lid

10, 5083 alloy for dissolution structure. Among the practical non-heat treatment alloys, the corrosion-resistant alloy with the highest strength is suitable for the solution structure. Vessels, vehicles, cryogenic vessels and pressure vessels with good seawater resistance and low temperature characteristics

11. 5086 has higher strength than 5154. It is a non heat treatment alloy with good seawater resistance. The 5N01-strength of ships, pressure vessels and magnetic discs is the same as that of 3003. The anodic oxidation treatment after glow treatment has a high glow. Good formability and corrosion resistance. Kitchenware, cameras, decorations, aluminium plate 5N02 hinge alloy, seawater resistance good hinge

Si x 6000 Series-AL x Mg x Si Series

1. 6061 heat treated corrosion resistant alloy. T6 treatment has a very high endurance value, but the strength of the solution joint is low. Therefore, the extrusion alloys used in screw, hinged ship, vehicle and land structure 6N01 have a strength between 6061 and 6063. The extrusion stamping hardening properties are good and can be used as large thin meat-shaped materials with complex shapes.



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