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Jiangyin Sinpower Aluminium Co., Ltd. [Short Name: Sinpower Aluminium] located in the south bank of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, is located in the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, 120KM from Shanghai in the east, and 120KM from Nanjing in the west. , Adjacent to the intersection of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and Yanjiang Expressway, it has developed economy and convenient transportation.

Jiangyin Sinpower Aluminium Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum profile company. Since its establishment, it has adhered to the main business of extruding aluminum profiles. We have a more comprehensive production capacity of aluminum profile extrusion, with a press tonnage of 500T to 3,600T. We can produce various types of aluminum profile products (pipeline profiles, industrial aluminum profiles, radiator profiles, photovoltaic bracket profiles, solar aluminum frame profiles, Aluminum alloy motor housing profiles, heater aluminum profiles, and various sizes of aluminum alloy plates and pipes) with a maximum cross-section of 400mm; and can provide various aluminum profile extrusion mold design and directional development capabilities according to customer needs.

Sinpower Aluminium China  is equipped with anodizing, powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying, sandblasting oxidation, electrophoretic coating, wood grain transfer and other surface treatment processes to meet the different requirements of customers for the surface treatment of various aluminum profiles. It can also be tinted according to customer's color samples, providing small color oxidation, small spray treatment, etc.

As professional aluminum extrusion manufacturer, we produce extruded aluminium with quality alloy material ; AA6063, AA6061, AA6082, AA6005 with heat treatment as T5, T6, T66 ect.

At the same time, we have actual machining experience of aluminum profiles, equipped with high-efficiency precision processing equipment dedicated to aluminum profiles and several CNC.html target='_blank'>CNC machining centers (NC aluminum profile cutting machine, CNC aluminum profile tapping machine, aluminum controlled drilling and milling machine, automated cleaning And packaging machinery) can carry out deep processing of aluminum profiles according to the different needs of customers.

Our products are widely used in automated production lines and modular production systems, workbenches, conveying equipment, mechanical guardrails, photovoltaic mounting brackets, solar frames, LED street lighting fixtures, audio amplifier radiators, motor enclosures, air conditioner heater enclosures, Products such as mechanical frames.

The company has the right to import and export on its own, and can directly export to various countries and regions in the world, providing door-to-door service, so you have no worries!

The company's products are exported to Japan, ASEAN, EU, Africa, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and other countries and regions, and are well received by users!

Development goals: expand new markets, start a new journey, step into a new era, and create new glory!

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Sinpower Aluminium:  Your Sincere and Powerful Partner of Aluminium Profiles



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